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Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing well, while doing good

10 companies with the best CSR reputation: Forbes: 42% of customers make their decisions according to the company’s CSR reputation, activity. (Forbes Online)

“A 2015 study by the Kenexa High Performance Institute in London (a division of Kenexa, a global provider of business solutions for human resources) found that organizations that had a genuine commitment to CSR substantially outperformed those that did not, with an average return on assets 19 times higher. Additionally, te study showed that CSR-orientated companies had a higher level of employee engagement and provided a markedly better standard of customer service.”

“CSR policies need to be considered as a core and inseparable component of the overall service or product offering.” (Financer Worldwide Magazine – Online)

“Furthermore, the focus upon developing relationships that go beyond purely economic bonds also makes sound financial sense because relationships that are underpinned by social and structural bonds are less easily imitated by competitors, and therefore lead to sustainable competitive advantage (Mitussis, O’Malley and Patterson, 2005).

One of the informants reported in Fournier et al. (1998) makes the point well: “firms can call me at home, but I can’t find the number anywhere to contact them”.

By today we can list thousands of articles, books, statistics, which show that USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is better to be based on human values, human relations, deeper, even more emotional and trustworthy connections.

For the 21 st century business CSR is not an option any more, it is a must. It is a must in order to stay on the market, become competitive and further more to be a sample.




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