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  • Angeling Profit
    Business has never been only business.
    Businesses have been changing millions of lives.
    We are our own customers, suppliers, clients,
    patners, co-workers, shareholders.
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  • The new era of
    business has started.
    Painted by: Orsolya Lukacs
    Doing well while doing good
    in our businesses.
  • Your questions might be: Why?
    What to do? How? When? Lets get the answers together!
    Painted by: Kelemen Orsi
Welcome to the site, which represents the 21th century transformational change direction: the socially responsible and so unique advantage for the organizations. Why should you deal with it? No, you shouldn’t. You must.

Why? Competition is tough and terribly costly. Don’t compete. Create your own uniqueness, gain your incomparable advantage.

How? We shall talk about it and see if we are to work together.





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The page is for you if...

The mission is to gain incomparable advantage for you, without competition but building our social welfare. The vision is to be a leading presenter in the implementation of the new business era.

This site is for you, if:

  • you are a business owner, who wants to add, create value.
  • you are an executive at an MNE, which is open to, wants change for sustainability.
  • you are an investor, looking for ventures which worth support.
  • you are an executive or business coach, ready to connect our knowledge.
  • you are an artist (painter, actress, actor, sculpture maker, writer, poet, singer etc.)
  • you checked the partner list and you believe its good for both of us to become partners.
  • you are an executive struggling with your boss, business questions, career leap, business - private life balance.
  • you are a business owner struggling with your boss, business questions, career leap, business - private life balance.

Thank you for contacting me.

This site is not for you, if:

  • you believe that the core purpose of any businesses is to create profit for its shareholders.
  • you want to ‘give’ to the public just to be able to advertise it.

Thank you for not contacting me.

Fatima Homor

Business owner

You want to find your unique way.


You work at an MNE.

Angel Investors

You want to invest into value creation.

Executive Coach

You want to co-operate.


You are ready to share your piece of art.


Share your valuable product or service.

Amount of angeling


Fatima is a detail-oriented manager. She always watches the balance without ever losing sight of the strategic objective. She is always up to date.

Gabor Vincze

Property Consultant/Otthon Centrum

During that 3 years when I used to be a member of Fatima's team was one of the most memorable time in my professional career.

Petra Hurban

Manager/British Telecom

To be objective in case of the recommendation of Fatima is not easy because her personality, attitude, moralty are stick to you once you get to know her either as a coach, trainee, analyst or an everyday woman. 

Dorottya Birtalan

Manager/MPK Zrt.

Fatima is an ideal candidate for complex and/or high level positions at business organizations. She is very creative in solving problems fast, and has high attention to details. 

Gabor Andrasi

Academic Coordinator/Higher Colleges of Technology

Fatima is an energetic person. She doesn’t have energy only for herself, but she also energizes others around her. We have had business connections through our partner companies and Fatima had always been very interested in our new financial products and solutions.

Adam Haloka

Institutional Sales Manager/OTP Fund Management Ltd.

Join those businesses, who according to the Stengel 50 have achieved 400% higher profit due to their amazingly strong BRAND PURPOSE.



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